A Welcoming Note from Barbara Price-Martin, Counselor and Founder, New Hope Pastoral Counseling

Whether you are searching for a counselor yourself, or have arrived on this website on someone else's behalf, welcome!

New Hope Pastoral Counseling has been in existence since 1991. Through the years, I have worked with individuals, couples, and families who come with a broad range of issues and concerns.

People come searching for ways to resolve conflicts and ease their emotional pains. After our sessions, they discover new knowledge of themselves and those around them. They find new insights, strategies, behaviors, and outlooks to help them as they work on the stressors that first brought them to my door.

About Counseling

Counseling is about establishing a helping relationship. You help me with your honesty and willingness to examine the problems confronting you, and to make changes for more effective living. I help you by carefully listening and analyzing, by caring, by using counseling techniques that are effective for you, and by helping you know the steps you need to take in your search for peace.

The first task is making sure we can work together and that I'm the right therapist for you. We'll talk a bit on the first phone call and if we are ready to proceed, we'll set up a first meeting.

Many people get uncomfortable to think about talking to a stranger about their problems. I understand. Remember, though, that a professional who has been trained in compassionate and skilled listening can begin to help you explore new paths forward. I am committed to my clients and care about their well-being and progress.

"You can't plow a field by turning it over in your mind." -Scottish Proverb